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TARABA ASSEMBLY: Lawmakers Set to flush out laws made by Military regimes

LEGISREPORTS NG – Lawmakers in Taraba state have identified thecontinued existence of military edicts in most of the government ownedestablishments as
major reasons behind the snail speed development ofthe state.Sad by this, the need to as a matter of urgency do away with military edicts in all the public establishments so as to enact laws that would catapult the growth of agencies, Boards and Parastatals, they agreed can no long be overemphasized.

This was collectively affirmed by the members when the bill on the Taraba Agency for Mass Education was subjected to second reading by the members.The Bill which was moved by the deputy Majority Leader of the House,Hon. Josiah Sabo Kente and seconded by the Chief Whip, Hon. DanladiGwampo, as observed by LEGISREPORTS seeks to do away with the military edicts that established the agency.To actualize this dreams, Kent seeks for a legal backing to enable the House to do away with the edicts and laws that were handed over to the state by the military government.

According to him, “the legal instruments still being use in the stateis an edict established by the military administration in 1991.” Hence the need to allow for the emergence of laws that would empower the agency.The edict which he observed had gone a long way to hinder the growth of the agency, according to Kente is link to Gongola state.Taraba state, it would be recall was calved out from the defunct Gongola state in 1991 by the military government.Sad  that “we come from a state where the largest population are illiterate” the need to enact laws that would be of great benefit to the people, he said have become relevant stating that “It is our responsibility to make laws that would enhance the growth of the state.

“The mover of the bill who was visibly dejected that some agencies in the state established by the military are “still operating under military laws” he beckoned on his colleagues to allow the bill to see the light of the day.If given legal backing, it would enable “us to educate some adults who are not privileged to be educated” adding that “crisis in the state would be minimize if adults are given the needed education.”The bill, he argued further should be made to be a working document for the agency for mass education believing that the illiteracy the characterize the state would be reduce to the barest minimum.In their different contributions the members agreed on the need to flush out laws made by the military regime so as to pave way for laws made by civilian administration to breathe the air of development.The bill was immediately referred to the standing committee on education by the speaker, . Hon. Haruna Tsokwa so as to allow for public hearing.

This report was prepared by our reporter in Jalingo.


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