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SIDE NEWS: Custom-made wristwatch spotted on lover’s wrist sparked Dino Malaye’s anger against wife

LEGISREPORTS NG – All may not have been heard concerning former Houseof Representatives member, Dino Malaye’s messy divorce suit where heis being accused of serial wife battery, we can now reveal.By revelations emanating from close relatives of the former lawmakerand founder of Anti-Corruption Network, Malaye’s anger, according toour informer, stems from his belief that his wife, Tokunbo, was cheating on him and rewarding her lovers with expensive gadgets bought by the former lawmaker.LEGISREPORTS for instance learnt of one of the incidents where Dino Malaye, caught a young man believed to have had affairs with Tokumbo wearing one of his custom-made wristwatch.

Malaye had spotted the young man at the payment counter of a supermarket in Abuja, wearing one of a four custom-made wrist watches he bought during one of his trips overseas.The time pieces were said to have been made specially for him with anagreement that no such wrist watch would be made for sales by thecompany.As soon as he spotted the familiar time piece, Malaye sauntered overto the young man requesting him to provide proof of ownership of thetimepiece.

The confrontation resulted in a commotion, upon which policemen were brought in to salvage the situation.As gathered, the matter was taken to the Abuja police command where Dino Malaye requested that the websiteof the wrist watch makers be opened, upon which the serial numbers onthe disputed time piece was fed into the site’s portal.No sooner was this done than information concerning the time piecemanufacture and sales popped up.

It was established that Malaye,indeed, bought the wrist watch in company of three others of similarmake.Other details provided included date of manufacture and purchase of the time piece and information stating that the particular watch in dispute is one out of four sold to Malaye.Upon this revelation, the policemen questioned the young man on howhe came into possession of the wrist watch.

The cornered suspect revealed that he got the watch from his lover, alady whom he identified as no other than Tokunbo, wife of the formerHouse of Representative member.

This report was prepared by our staff reporter.


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