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POLITICS: Senator Kaka to PDP: Leave Nigeria alone, don’t hold us down

LEGISREPORTS NG – Senator representing Ogun East senatorial district in the National Assembly, Adegbenga Sefiu Kaka has told the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party to back down from power if it has run out of ideas on how to administer Nigeria.


The lawmaker attributed the growing problem of insecurity to the ruling party’s desperation to cling to power at any cost.


Senator kaka made this known during an interview over the weekend.


Speaking on the merger of opposition parties in the country, and the recent registration of the All Progressive Congress by the Independent National Electoral Commission, kaka intimated that same was a plague that the ruling party is battling hard to contend with.


He said: “What we are having right now and that is what is giving the ruling party headache of their life to the extent that we now have what I will call an auto-immune disease plaguing the PDP because they forgot that they are the party in power; they inflicted the pain that we have in the country today which we now call insecurity because of their love for power at all cost.


“If they don’t know how to administer, they should please leave Nigeria alone and allow Nigerians determine how they will go about their development rather than hold everybody down in this country.


According to the lawmaker, the 2015 elections presents the perfect timing “to say no to them and embrace this merger for once and allow a credible alternative to take over from the charade that has been going on for the past 18 to 19 years.”


On the division and feud amongst members of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, Senator Kaka attributed same to an attempt by the presidency to control the forum.


“Like they created the insecurity that we have in the north today, they want to further create insecurity through the attempt to control the governors’ forum. The governors forum has no provision in the constitution; it is like any other NGO and under freedom of association, there is no reason how that one should be a concern notwithstanding the denial by the presidency that they have no interest. By that denial, they have lowered their esteem before Nigerians.


“Nigerians are no fools. They heated the polity just because governors are meeting; they heated the polity for nearly three months.


“The PDP are the ones heating the polity; they are the ones that want to convert a free association into a PDP property plus other issues. But Nigerians are watching and God is also watching but the ultimate is sweeping all those rots away. You don’t sweep dirt under the carpet and it will not resurface,” he said.



This report was prepared by our reporter in Abuja.


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