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According to Crownwell Elliot, “political contest is like a carnival where everybody participates in the best way one sees pleasurable and much entertaining. Similarly, election contest is one in which every aspirant approaches the contest from the perspective of his choice which guarantees victory.
In fact, I strongly believe that if the number of aspirants for the Governorship is trimmed down to at most four, the type of bad blood it has generated would have been avoided. 
For example, with all the respect and high esteem to which I hold my personal admirer, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, one may ask, what is he doing in the race at this time? Perhaps, according to the usual folk tales, because the presidency has promised to allow him complete his “mandate.” Akiko Idu na oba, indeed.
Painfully, each one of the aspirants with the exception of Rt. Hon. Ihedioha is alleged to have been promised the ticket by the presidency, the first lady, the party chairman or by heavily connected persons.
For example, one late entrant has claimed, “after discussing with the president, I assured him that I am the only person who has the capacity to stop Owelle, hence, he promised me the ticket to go and deliver Imo State to PDP.” Of course, he was talking to the most credulous individuals. 
Another aspirant goes around saying that he is connected with the party chairman and chairman of BOT and that they have assured him of the ticket. Assurance indeed. They are no fools; they too are wary and careful not to rock the boat in a dicey Imo State. Some of the women aspirants continue to throw the name of the First Lady about, right, left and centre that she has promised one of them the ticket because, “one woman should become the Governor in the next dispensation.” Although the First Lady is a serious advocate of women in politics, I am sure that she has other ears to hear what is going on in Imo State to the effect, that of all Igbo States, Imo, Abia and Anambra are where a woman Governor would not be possible in the next long years to come because of the acute hostility against women in politics, not because they do not want a women to rise politically but they see women in politics with disdain and as an affront to manhood. Also, it is a well known fact emanating from those women who had attended some of the rallies called by one of the female aspirants that the women were usually fed with monumental lies and falsehood. One falsehood often dished out to the women is, “the First Lady has annointed me as the most possible woman that should become the Governor of Imo State.” Yet the women in Abia have often been told the same thing over and over again. Then one may ask, how many women Governors does the First Lady want to produce in 2015, and why not Plateau or Niger State? or why not Rivers?
One may ask these women pretenders, why have they decided to be wasting their hard-earned money on an election they know too well can never go the way of any of them? This little episode can throw more light on the issue. Some time ago, a newspaper vendor was in my office to deliver his wares. He overheard some people in the reception discussing the possibility of a woman becoming the Governor of Imo State. He quickly reacted uninvitedly, as he snapped, “gentlemen let me tell you, it is too early for a woman Governor in the State. You may think that I am just a newspaper vendor, but what I have told you is the majority opinion outside. Go and ask questions.” 
Apart from a deluge of pretenders, there are those who have been planted by some foes to destabilize somebody or create confusion among Owerri aspirants. For example, it is alleged that the incumbent is sponsoring two of the aspirants whom many people could be said to be in the race genuinely. Two others, it is alleged were being sponsored by a powerful Institution to ensure that a particular targeted aspirant is stopped for some parochial reason. It is also alleged that the regular radio jingle being aired over radio stations is being sponsored by this fingered Institution. Who is fooling who?
Similarly, one of the aspirants is being sponsored by a top political figure from Orlu to do his bidding. Indeed too many allegations about the large number of Guber aspirants in Imo State, quite unprecedented. This large number could not have been by accident. Certainly, there are some unseen hands doing some funny things behind the scene. But according to Michael Stewartt, “there is only one way two people can keep secret. It is for one to die immediately the deal is struck.”
Equally, there are quite a number who are in the race to use it to bargain for a more lucrative position either from the incoming Governor or try their luck at the national plain. 
Finally, there are quite a few who entered the race to stop Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha or to make it difficult for him for one reason or another, either they believe that he denied them Federal appointment or contract. What a bad way to waste millions!
Therefore, the large number of Governorship Aspirants in Imo State, twenty eight (28) of them is a result of a number of reasons, some frivolous or circumstantial, others envious. But one which had come out very glaringly is that while many Imo citizens are routing for Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as the most appropriate to give Owelle a serious political contest, some aspirants simply want to stop him for too personal reasons which bordered on their frivolous considerations, hence the conspiracy as manifested in their efforts to forestall him in the primaries by asking the NWC to reject Imo list, including even going to the court for the same purpose and in case they met a stonewall. 
Interestingly, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, the Deputy Speaker has refused to be drawn into all these distractions and has remained focused, determined and purposeful, taking nothing for granted because he and his team of dedicated strategists are alert, because, according to one Igbo axiom, “one surrounded by foes watches his life at all times.”
I posit and very strongly too, that in view of the resources, the level of commitment and zeal which this youngman has invested in this race, in addition to physical health, vim and vigour, he deserves the PDP ticket in spite of the lies of side-talk which by and large are concomitants of politics in the enveloping political environment.
Thus, as the primary delegates file out to cast their votes, they should forget the money which they have collected from various aspirants and vote for Ihedioha because, of all the aspirants, he is the strongest in terms of credentials, experience, resources, hardwork and determination.
Delegates from Orlu should remember that Owerri and their leadership made it possible for Achike Udenwa in 1999. Those from Okigwe zone must also remember that it was Owerri electorate that supported Ikedi Ohakim to become a miracle Governor in 2007. Therefore, this is a positive payback time.
Once Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha gets the ticket at the primary, nobody will think of manipulating him out of the race because such attempt would cause a lot of damageable political earthquake and precipitation for which the consequence could not even be imagined. This is not a blackmail or threat, but facing the reality on ground. But truly, PDP leadership know the worth and value of Emeka Ihedioha. But I strongly believe that power comes from God. If he is destined to be the Governor of Imo State, no forces can stop him and those who may try can never conjecture the upheaval it will precipitate. Wishing the youngman and the PDP a peaceful and successful primary to enable the party recover Doughlas house next year. In God’s name I pray with others.

POLITICS: IMO  GUBER 2015: HON. IHEDIOHA DESERVES PDP TICKET By Dr. Chuks Osuji, OON. Reviewed by on . According to Crownwell Elliot, “political contest is like a carnival where everybody participates in the best way one sees pleasurable and much entertaining. Si According to Crownwell Elliot, “political contest is like a carnival where everybody participates in the best way one sees pleasurable and much entertaining. Si Rating:
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