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KOGI NEWS: SEMA, Prepared for 2013 flood


LEGISREPORTS NG – The Kogi State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA),Says it is making adequate arrangement for as many as would be displaced if the 2013 flooding prediction by the National Metrological Agency(NIMET) becomes a reality.

The Agencies Acting Director,Mrs Alice Ogedengbe disclosed this to journalists that her Agency is not limiting its arrangements to a specific number,rather adequate arrangement to cater for those that would be displaced has topped her agencies preparation.

The Acting Secretary described as unrealistic the 50,000 target quoted in a section of the media as those expected to be rescued by her agency.

SEMA an agency under the Chairmanship of Yomi Awoniyi,the State Deputy Governor who also doubles as its Chairman, Mrs Ogedengbe noted had over 600,000 persons  displaced by last year’s flood who were housed in camps by the state government,said effort is been made to ensure that the state caters for as many that would be displaced using a genuine data capturing method.

Mrs Ogedengbe stated that the 2012 flood disaster was devastating,said going by the prediction that 2013 would be most severe, arrangement is on top gear to cater for a possible increase if the flood occurs but using a well structured method in data capturing as provided by UN and NEMA templates.

As part of the preparation for the flood,the human capacity of SEMA as well as other agencies related to rescue and emergency management, Ogedengbe disclosed have been trained,assured that her agency will work with the UN and NEMA in rescue operations and better camp management this year.

Already,the nine affected flood areas in the state last year Mrs Ogedengbe disclosed have been visited. Suitable sites for the location of 16 camp sites as against 200 last year has been concluded. Efforts at making the place habitable with the necessary infrastructures, the SEMA Acting Secretary explained is on-going to cushion the hardship likely to be faced by those that would be displaced.

This report was prepared by our reporter in Kogi State


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