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JUDICIARY: Students, Women protest delay Justice in Aluu killings


LEGISREPORTS NG – Court adjournment came after about 5 hours of heated argument between the prosecutor and defence Counsels of the veracity to grant bail to the accused persons including the Paramount Ruler of Umukri Aluu.


The accused had pleaded not guilty to the 8 count charges of murder and neglect to prevent felony levelled against them at the commencement of the trial.


The presiding Judge, Justice L.L. Nyordee dismissed objection raised by Counsel to the Paramount Ruler O.C.J. Okocha and some defence Counsels against an application brought by the State prosecution Counsel Godwin Rufus to amend the previous  charges levelled against the accused persons.


The court however ordered the accused persons to return to prison custody.


Security was tight around the court premises as parents of the slain students and accused persons has filled the court room to the brim


Meanwhile, over 50 women from Okrika Local government area has staged a peaceful protest at the Rivers State Judiciary complex against the slow pace of trial of the Aluu 4 killings.


The Leader of the women who were all dressed in black attire, Gift Amangi  told LEGISREPORTS that they are in solidarity with the families of the slain students and that they want justice to be done in the matter.


”we came here because we feel the pain of the parents, you can see us, all of us are mothers, some of us are grand mothers, we know the pains we feel when we have these children and we feel that justice should prevail, what we intend to achieve is for justice to prevail, lives were lost brutally and the generations forthcoming from those ones are gone, and some of them could have been presidents, some would have been Ministers of God, some Governors, it is very painful” she said


Also reacting to the delay in justice, a Human Right Activist in the Niger Delta, Ankio Briggs has joined in calling for the speedy trial of the Aluu 4 case.


Ankio Briggs in an interview with LEGISREPORTS said the delay is unacceptable ”the judiciary must very quickly end the matter, we are 2 months 3 months away from the October, that will be one year, the anniversary, those parents will remember their children, is not as if they have forgotten them, but that day particularly will mean something very painful to them and the judiciary should speed the case up, they shouldn’t prolong this case, this case, I don’t see why we cannot in 2, 3 months finish with this case, if you are going to set people free you set them free, if you are going to sentence people you sentence them, but to drag it on for a whole  year, I think is unacceptable”.



This report was prepared by our reporter in Port Harcourt


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