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CITIZEN: Niger Delta youth blast Jonathan over confab

LEGISREPORTS NG – Youths of Niger Delta under the aegis of Niger DeltaYouth Congress (NDYC) have criticised President GoodLuck Jonathan overthe ongoing National Conference.In a statement issued Monday by the National Coordinator of the group,Comrade Israel Uwejeyan, he described the conference as a contraption by President Jonathan to serve his personal interest.

The group noted that even as Nigeria is in need of a true dialogue among ethnic nationalities, ”the timing, composition, guidelines/framework of the on-going National Conference is wrong, self serving and will not resolve any contending issues for national development”.

The group said rather than forcing the National Conference down the throat of the people for some selfish reasons, Nigerians should be allowed to enjoy good governance, better infrastructures, economic growth, employment creation, security of lives and properties and adequate power supply.

“Why should President Jonathan,who claims that he means well forNigeria and Nigerians, propose that the outcome of the National Conference should not be subjected to a referendum? Is it not a shame to see delegates at the confab make utterances that are demeaning oftheir status as elder statesmen and women?”Nigerians have indeed watched with keen interest to understand thesubstance of the National Conference and it’s impact in changing the economic woes, hunger pervading the land, unemployment, insecurity, endemic corruption, extra judicial killings, epileptic power supply and other myriads of problems that confronts us daily.

”According to the group, a critical review of the policy frame work and guidelines of the National Conference showed a self serving agenda for the actualization of the 2015 re-election plan of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“It does not represent the general interest of Nigerians.

The Conference is meant to serve some political interests as well as ample opportunity to continue with the impunity of reckless stealing from the nation’s treasury.

“The statement said a country where the so called elder statesmen decide to make utterances that demean and make a nonsense of the much talked about National Conference, leaves little hope for Nigerian youths.

”It is obvious that our future as young people of this great country cannot be anchored on the shoulders of these individuals believed to be addressing issues that affect us, it is already an effort in futility”, the group maintained.

This report was prepared by our reporter in Yenagoa


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