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LEGISREPORTS EDITORIAL: State of Emergency – Between opposition politics and national interest

LEGISREPORTS NG – The flurry of commendation and endorsement of the decision of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to declare a state of emergency in three states of the north to restore Nigeria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in the northern parts of the country ravaged by the menace of boko haram insurgency has revealed the underbelly of opposition politicians in Nigeria.   LEGISREPORTS is ful ...

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LEGISREPORTS EDITORIAL: Reps must rethink decision on SEC

LEGISREPORTS NG - As the 2013 fiscal year settles into second quarter, one sector of the Nigerian economy that has continued to trudge on with needless and/or avoidable legal leash is the stock market. Operations of this very vital sector of the economy have been hamstrung by the egoistic and questionable intervention of the National Assembly, especially the House of Representatives.   A tango between ...

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LEGISREPORTS EDITORIAL: NASS Resolutions and National Interest

LEGISREPORTS NG - The National Assembly is the supreme embodiment of democracy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As the repository of the collective wishes and aspirations of the Nigerian people who yielded their sovereignty to elected members of the legislature, the national assembly ought to be taken very seriously by all and sundry, not least, the executive arm of government. Sadly, this is hardly the ...

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LEGISREPORTS EDITORIAL: Reps’ Misguided Quest for Legislative Immunity

Members of the House of Representatives on Thursday March 7, 2013 debated in second reading, a bill to provide legislative immunity for federal lawmakers in the conduct of their duties. After mostly positive reviews and commentaries by the seemingly self-indulgent legislators, the bill was passed to an appropriate committee for further legislative action. The import of this piece of legislation which seeks ...

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LEGISREPORTS EDITORIAL: Lawmakers and Constituency Projects

LEGISREPORTS NG - Even though unofficial, one of the reason adduced for the delay in the signing of the 2013 appropriation bill was the insertion of so-called constituency projects by members of the National Assembly into the budget to which the executive objected. This necessarily brings to the fore the need to examine the issue of constituency projects. What constitutes constituency projects? Is it the so ...

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LEGISREPORTS NG: The imbroglio over the 2013 appropriation bill once again reinforces the gross disregard the ruling elite have for the ruled. The irony of the matter that rankles to no end is the claim by both feuding parties – the executive and the legislature- that their rather unyielding posture is in the interest of Nigerians. Yes indeed! It will be recalled that Nigeria’s bicameral legislature passed ...

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