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About Us

About Us

LEGISREPORTS Nigeria is a media portal conceived to provide heavily biased reportage on the legislature as an arm of government and a growing bastion of democracy in Nigeria.

It breaks news (as they happen), presents exclusive reports, dedicated updates, ethically correct and professional editorials as well as objective analysis on goings-on in Nigeria’s bicameral National Assembly (Senate & House of Representatives) as well as the state legislatures.

LEGISREPORTS adopts a comparative approach by reporting on activities and developments in the different legislative houses and foreign parliaments across the world.

Seeking to mirror happenings in governance and society generally, LEGISREPORTS goes the extra mile to report on developments in government, communities, and the individual activities, idiosyncrasies and profiles of authority personae, especially legislators.

LEGISREPORTS is a citizens’ constructive contribution, via 21st century media platforms, to the growth and development of the parliament in Nigeria and beyond.

LEGISREPORTS NG is published by Centenary Media Ltd (CML)


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