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SENATE NEWS: Time to Overhaul Nigeria’s Policing System is now – Ekweremadu

LEGISREPORTS NG: The Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has called for a review of the Nigeria policing system inorder to tame the menace of insecurity in the country.Ekweremadu made the call today while addressing newsmen at the National Hospital, Abuja, where he had gone to condole with hospitalized victims of the Nyanya, Abuja, bomb incident.

The Deputy Senate President insisted that only a multi-level policing could secure the country adequately.“I was out of the country for an official visit at the time of the incident and I feel completely dehumanized that a country that values human life more than anything else is going through this kind of bestiality; so, it is completely unacceptable and we must come together as a nation and borrow from our past and relevant examples in the world to fight this evil and put it behind us.

“We are the only country that runs a federal system and run the type of police we have now. The type of police system we are running is not suited for a federal system of government. We are about 170 million people; we cannot have 320 thousand policemen to deal with it and I don’t believe that the federal government can ever produce the number of police that will be enough for this country.

“So, it is important that we review our policies and our laws in respect of this and see how we can incorporate other levels of government in security matters in this country so that at least in every vicinity, in every local area, we have sufficient of policemen around there who would not only police the place but also report to higher authorities on what is happening there.

”If you have malaria, so long as you keep taking Panadol, you will never be well; it’s not going to work, because you need malaria drugs in order to deal with malaria; that is the problem we have here”, he said.Ekweremadu assured that the National Assembly would continue to live up to its responsibilities in repositioning the security sector.

“Our responsibility in this regard as lawmakers is essentially budgetary and we have appropriated nearly one trillion (Naira) in the budget to deal with security challenges; this year we made a specific provision for police to hire more hands” he stressed.

The Deputy President of the Senate took time to commend the staff of the National Hospital for their professionalism and patriotism in dealing with the aftermath.


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