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POLITICS: Aggrieved Rivers APC members threaten walkout at rescheduled State congress

LEGISREPORTS NG – Some members of the defunct political parties ANPP, ACN and CPC under the Legacy party in Rivers State who merged to form the All Progressives Congress (APC), are threatening to stage another walkout on the rescheduled State congress of the Party if their grievances are not addressed by the Interim leadership of the party.

The aggrieved APC members who recently staged a protest in Rivers State said the 10% affirmative position in the party promised them by Governor Amaechi has not been implemented by the Interim leadership of the party.

The Leader of the aggrieved members Mmuen Pagani at the end of a meeting by the Group in Port Harcourt said they will conduct a parallel State congress if the alleged marginalization against them is not addressed before the state congress this weekend.

“if they do not implement the Governor’s position we will conduct our own congress, in a situation where no matter how qualified we are, we cannot be State chairman or secretary. We cannot be ward chairman or secretary, we cannot be local government chairman, its a gross injustice so we are fighting to correct the injustice the PDP has brought to this party” he said.

Meanwhile, in reaction, the Interim Chairman of the APC in Rivers State Davies Ibiamu Ikanya said the party will verify the claim of the aggrieved members to know if their demands are genuine and if so they will address them.

“what i hear them say now is that the implementation of the Governor’s directive has not been properly carried out, we need to go back as a party and verify their claims and see whether there is truth in it, if there is truth, we will address the area that needs to be addressed, if is not true we have to tell them because in a system like this you find out that people especially the opposition can also raise allegation that are unfounded. But i have talked to them myself to show how APC cares for every member of the family” he said.

This report was prepared by our reporter in Port Harcourt.


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