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KOGI ASSEMBLY: Education Committee Chairman frowns at double appointment


LEGISREPORTS NG – The Kogi State House of Assembly committee on Education, Science and Technology has frowned at the double appointment bestowed on Chief Sylvester Onoja as the executive chairman, Teaching Service Commission and also the Technical Adviser to the governor on education matters.

Hon Natheniel Ojo Taiwo, chairman of the committee, who stated this in an interview with “Legisrepors, said the appointment has caused leadership tussle between the commission and the ministry.

Earlier, the House in plenary, while deliberating on a matter of urgent public importance, referred to the house Committee on Education, the role conflict between the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Teaching Service Commission(TSC) for necessary legislative action.

Hon Nathaniel disclosed that for TSC to perform without carrying along the mother Ministry, is due to their total ignorance of the law that established the commission.

“Though the commission is independent to some extent, it is still under the control of the parent ministry of education”, he stated.

He therefore, urged the governor to spell out the functions of a Technical Adviser, Special Adviser, Senior Special Assistant and Special Assistant on Education Matters, as this would enable the occupant of such positions to know their duties and bounds while carrying out state functions.

He disclosed that the right to conduct various examinations were the major areas of conflict and therefore suggested that examination should be conducted by the Ministry of Education since there was an existing department saddled with the responsibility before now. While the commission would only conduct Mock Examination for secondary Schools.

On complaints of over-charging of WASSCE fees by principals of secondary schools in the state, Hon Taiwo observed that the lapses is due to corruption, indiscipline and personal greed by the principals involved who levy candidates without the knowledge of the ministry. The committee urged the government to fish such principals out for appropriate disciplinary action.

Regarding the recruitment of Teachers, he confirmed that the commission has the statutory right to employ teachers but they have to get the approval from the governor through the Ministry of Education.

He therefore, urged the Ministry of Education to fashion out programmes which will empower school principals to build more capacities based on modern techniques, as this will sharpen and widen their scope of knowledge in the state in order to help the education sector and to avoid multiple allegiance due to ignorance in the channel of communication within the education system and to avoid double directives on major matters.



This report was prepared by our reporter in Kogi State


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