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EXCLUSIVE: New PDP Senators plot to oust Deputy Senate President, Majority Leader and Deputy

LEGISREPORTS NG – Following the emergence of the “New PDP”, a breakaway faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), 22 Senators that have identified with the group are presently in the middle of a plot to oust some principal officer of the Senate, LEGISREPORTS can authoritatively report.


The decision to so do it was gathered was due to dissatisfaction felt by the “New PDP” Senators who saw the need to rid the leadership of the Senate of certain principal officers owing to their affiliation and loyalty to President Goodluck Jonathan.


LEGISREPORTS investigations revealed that the lawmakers have singled out the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Majority Leader, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba and his Deputy, Senator Abdul Ningi as those who should be removed in their serving capacities as principal officers of the upper chamber.


It was also gathered that the Senators numbering 22 have already commenced hatching strategies to ensure the removal of the above listed principal officers by resorting to intense lobbying of opposition members in the Senate.


Further investigations revealed that the lawmakers involved in the plot to kick out the mentioned principal officers also reached a unanimous decision to retain Senator David Mark as President of the Senate due to his open, fair and neutral disposition which was not at anytime one-sided.


It was also gathered that the lawmakers decision to leave Senator Mark out of their schemes was just so as to avoid stirring the hornet’s nest.


A source who was privy to the whole under-hand scheming of the “New PDP” Senators while speaking on the basis of anonymity with LEGISREPORTS confirmed the plot to rid the named principal officers of the Senate.


He said: “the New PDP senators are planning to get rid of the deputy senate president, majority leader and the deputy majority leader. They believe that these principal officers have always been lobbyists and staunch loyalists of President Jonathan whose administrative style they so much disagree with.


“As you must very well know, it was based on the same reason that the main PDP was factionalised and which led to the formation of the New PDP.


“But I can tell you that the Senators did not mention that the senate president will be among the principal officers that they want out. This is because they feel that Senator Mark had never hesitated to ensure that fairness prevails on matters brought to the floor, even when it concerned the president. An example is the state of the nation address bill and others. He is viewed as an impartial leader who knows when to be firm on taking decisions.”


However, one of the Senators who spoke on grounds of anonymity disclosed that the decision to leave the Senate President out of their schemes was due to fears expressed that same may backfire in the process.


“Getting the Senate President among those who are to be shown out may foil the whole process because majority of Senators, if not all of the Senate dread David Mark.


“If any attempt is made to drop his name, that will lead to the failure of the whole thing. Besides, the New PDP Senators cannot do this on their own, they need to team up with a good number of those in the opposition to realise this. And I can tell you including Mark is not the way to go since it is presumed that many lawmakers in the opposition will object to it,” the source said.




This report was prepared by our reporter in Abuja


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