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CITIZEN: Let’s work together to make our nation safer, peaceful – David Mark 

The President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, has sent a message of felicitation to Nigerians as they joined the rest of the world to celebrate this year’s Easter.

He prayed that the peace, joy and forgiveness which the season of Easter brings through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ heal the nation now and beyond.Senator Mark in the goodwill message to commemorate the season, thanked Nigerians for their perseverance and resolute to remain one peaceful and united nation in spite of the challenges.

He however called for sober reflection on the Nigerian state against the backdrop of the unabating security threats in the land, but pointed out that “there is an answer to the security problems in our coming together as a team to tackle the menace headlong.

“There is a great wisdom in all of us both the government and the governed uniting against the forces of evil in the land.

There is no mountain we cannot pull if we work together.

The perpetrators of the evil acts can be brought to their kneels if we work harmoniously and honestly with a common purpose”.Senator Mark cautioned against politicking with the security problems ravaging parts of Nigeria stressing that the issue is beyond ethnic, religious or political affiliations “because every one is now a victim.

“It would therefore be uncharitable, unfair and a disservice to the Nigerian people to play politics with the attacks and killings of our defenceless country men and women.

“When these criminals attack , they do not isolate men from women or party A from party B. Every body is their victim. It therefore demands that all of us must rise against them. We can defeat them if we unite”.

Senator Mark added that the National Assembly will continue to identify and stand with the Nigerian people, assuring that whatever makes for good governance, security and welfare of the citizenry would always guide legislation.

The President of the Senate therefore urged the citizens to cooperate with the government in the onerous task of making the state a better place reiterating that government needs the people just as citizens needs the government.


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